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Posted On December 19, 2007By Jacquie DuntonIn paaaaaarty

Christmas Party!

Well we are supposed to be winding down for Christmas and getting ourselves all set for 2008 – however there always seems soooo many things to do! Really looking forward to our Christmas party this evening, just hope that nobody expects too much of me tomorrow as I am sure I will be feeling slightly fragile Looking at the van above, I knew I should have bought one with seats in the back, it would have saved us a fortune on cabs! Please don’t worry, I have checked my deskRead More

Posted On December 18, 2007By Jacquie DuntonIn Matt's fish and chips

Christmas Ghost

The new showroom is looking really fabulous with new things coming in all the time. It is an old building that used to be stables and still has a rustic charm with brick walls and a cobbled floor.We have a whole row of mirrored armoires which I have to walk past every morning- not a good experience seeing yourself in triplicate with red nose and hair on end after walking thru freezing streets to get to work. There was a very mysterious smell in the showroom yesterday which managed toRead More

Posted On December 4, 2007By Jacquie DuntonIn Monaco

Harry goes to Monaco

Harry got his makeover and decided to hot foot it to Monaco! Really think he’s taking the glamour thing a bit too far, think it was the tuxedo that did it, he is obviously having a James Bond moment. Let’s hope that he made the deliveries to our French clients before he hit the casinos. He told me that an American couple took his photo while he was making the delivery, didn’t like to tell him that they were really taking a picture of the French Armoires that were linedRead More