Sunday Times

Sunday Times

Our drivers and delivery people are all swanning about in new togs!!
They have fleeces and shirts with a very tasteful sweetpeaandwillow logo subtlety embossed on the front. They also have baseball hats in pale grey, hmmm-this could be a step too far or a cunning plan designed to cover up bad hair. Think Harry looks a tad more dapper in his James Bond get up, but this is dreary, wet Britain, so he needs to dress suitably for the climate.

I think that they should have let me design the uniform. It’s an opportunity missed if you ask me; we could have had knee britches and velvet frock coats in our trade mark pale blue which would be trés elegant and head turningly chic. This could be you Harry, loading up your van!!

On another note we had some really great press this weekend. two of our mirrors appeared in The Sunday Times and one in The Mail on Sunday. It is lovely when journalists like our furniture enough to feature it. The phones haven’t stopped ringing with people wanting to buy them!!

Dressing Mirror

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