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Decorative Objects

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Eichholtz Leopard Sculpture


Dakota Sculpture


Eichholtz Morgana Object - Set of 2


Feuille Statue


Azula Sculpture


Galena Sculpture


Eichholtz Frank Object


Bloomingville Jalmari Sculpture


Beatrix Sculpture


Eichholtz Dominico Desk Accessory - M


Eichholtz Dominico Desk Accessory - L


Carna Ornament


Bocca Wall Decoration

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Bali Necklace - Round


Dreamer Necklace Ornament


White Coral Display


Avisa Coral Sculpture


Galia Coral Sculpture

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large white faux coral accessory with distressed stand

Paignton Coral Sculpture - Large

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small white coral sculpture with gold stand

Paignton Coral Sculpture - Small


Dover Coral Sculpture

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A luxuriously elegant perfume bottle with a wonderful white marble finish and beautiful brass accents

Celina Marble Perfume Bottle


Ingot Gold Bullion Bar


Boujee Bubble Candle


Betty Booby Candle


Essie Ashtray


Eichholtz Ashtray Alessandro

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Luxurious silver ashtray

Eichholtz Deluxe Ashtray


Eichholtz Russo Cigar Box


Marvel Box

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Luxury black and white monochromatic storage box

Eichholtz Cabas Box


Ricci Studded Box


Embellish your home with our timeless array of decorative accessories.

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Items 33-64 of 193