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Bracken Fern Bush


Eichholtz Giselle Hurricane - Small


Eichholtz Jordan Champagne Cooler - Nickel

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vintage brass trophy bottle holder with puma handles

Eichholtz Jordan Champagne Cooler - Brass

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large blue hand-blown hurricane

Eichholtz Aquila Hurricane L - Blue

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blue hand-blown glass hurricane

Eichholtz Aquila Hurricane S - Blue


Ancient Greek Head Sculpture

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small white coral sculpture with gold stand

Paignton Coral Sculpture - Small

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grayscale landscape canvas oil painting

Grey River Scene Canvas

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large white faux coral accessory with distressed stand

Paignton Coral Sculpture - Large


Eucalyptus Spray - Bunch of 6

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faux hydrangea and dahlia floral arrangement mix

Hydrangea and Dahlia Floral Arrangement

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distressed iron effect garden urn

Corinth Garden Urn


Dover Coral Sculpture


Adanna Wall Art


Romo Sarita Cushion - Tapestry

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abstract canvas with blue, white, grey and gold tones

Icy Puddles Canvas


Dachshund Cushion - Stone

brass elephant candle holder with black base

Eichholtz Nairobi Candle Holder

Regular Price £405.00 Special Price £245.00

Beatrix Sculpture


Eichholtz Korakia Vase - Small

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green hand blown glass flower vase

Eichholtz Korakia Vase - Large

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large sand hand-blown vase

Eichholtz Avance Vase - Large

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small sand-coloured hand-blown glass vase

Eichholtz Avance Vase - Small


Eichholtz Avance Bowl


Eichholtz Shell Tray - Medium Gold


Eichholtz Triada Bowl - Green


Eichholtz Triada Bowl - Pink


Eichholtz Caliente Vase - Small


Eichholtz Caliente Vase - Large


Oregon Wall Clock


Rainbow 'LOVE' Cushion


Give your interior the high quality, individuality and richness it deserves.

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Items 449-480 of 589