Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

‘Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?’ Snow White was usually the answer to this question. Really, on reflection, the wicked Queen was a little short sighted if that was all that her mirror could do for her. Had she owned a triple mirror then the queen could also have checked what her hair looked like at the back, very useful.

One simple mirror can transform a room in your home. Just by hanging or standing a mirror where the light from a window catches it can give the illusion of space that isn’t really there. If you have ever taken a mirror down from perhaps a bathroom and looked at the room once the mirror has been removed you can see what a huge difference it makes to the size of that room. A well positioned mirror reflects the room back to double the size of it.

Using the mirror on furniture became very fashionable in the Art Deco and Art Nouveau periods. Apart from the mirrored finish looking very crisp and clean it can make a small or dark bedroom look larger by bouncing any available light around.  Because the mirror constantly reflects everything around it back out it brightens up the space.

A dressing table made of mirror will also play with the light of a room and is very easy to keep clean and if you have mirrors on the front of your wardrobes then all those reflective surfaces will expand your feeling of space and light. They are also perfect for doing your make up in – so the traumas of bad lighting could be banished!

If you have a dark hallway or corridor then hanging a large mirror along one wall or even having all of a wall covered in mirror will transform the feel and look of what is essentially a pretty small space.

Mirror tiles or one of those mirrors that come in separate sections or even a row of long strip mirrors either vertically or horizontally will look just as good.  The mirror will pick up light from either end of the hall and by a trick of the light double the area.

It is not all that common to have mirrors in the kitchen. I have to say I do not know why not. Perhaps it is the idea of seeing your reflection all hot and bothered in a mirror while tackling a particularly tricky casserole or subduing a soufflé.  But really the atmosphere it just that of a bathroom, all hot and steamy sometimes and not others.  Mirror is an easy surface to clean and keep germ free. You could have a mirror for a splash back which will reflect light out into the room and give the impression of a window where there is none.  Mirror as a table top can look pretty dramatic especially when festooned with silverware and candles to make a meal look quite magical.

Of course not all mirrors are made of glass and any still reflective surface can do the same job as a mirror though it is pretty difficult to hang a pond. Poor Echo waited in vain for young Narcissus to tear himself away from his reflection in the water.  He was so transfixed by how beautiful he was that eventually Echo faded away and only her voice was left.  If you have ever had to wait to get into the  bathroom in my house in the morning you will know just how this feels!

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July 12, 2013
All things bright and beautiful.
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