Chelsea Flower Show

Amie at the Chelsea Flower Show

Chelsea Flower Show

5 days in May of horticultural brilliance.  We sent Amie, our roving reporter, to go and have a good look.

Amie took some lovely photographs and on seeing them we all wanted to go home and tidy our gardens at once!  After all your garden is considered to be a room in its own right

Beauty at the Chelsea Flower Show

One of her favourite gardens was Togenkyo – A Paradise on Earth shown above which won gold for Best artisan garden, designed by Kazuyuki Ishihara.

Foxgloves at the Chelsea FlowerPhoebe Velvet Chair 2

These delicious Digitalis or Foxglove attract bees and are such a lovely colour. I wonder if we might change the name of the Phoebe Velvet Bedroom chair to Foxglove?

After meandering from one delightful garden to another I think our intrepid junior reporter would have been entitled to a bit of a sit down and we hope there were some garden tables and benches like our lovely Corinthian set shown here.

Corinthian table and benches

However, the  flower that crops up most frequently is a big red umbrella-shaped bloom and there were definitely a lot of pictures of them!

Essentials at the Chelsea Flower Show

All in all a riot of colour.

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