Annual Cannes Film Festival

Annual Cannes Film Festival

We were so excited for the beginnings of the oh so glamorous 2014 Cannes Film Festival yesterday!
Arguably the most prestigious and publicised in the world, Cannes is the film festival all other film festivals look up too. It has everything, sun, sea, offensively expensive yachts, gorgeous fashion, famous faces, chiselled jaw lines and a trip to the movies!
Whilst pouring over every last bit of press coverage of the event I’m finding it a little too easy to imagine myself in the stateroom of some fabulous yacht sipping the latest health juice and discussing my treatment of a remake of a sequel of an old classic.
Speaking of remaking classics, that’s pretty much what we’ve done to our Mr Darcy armchairs and sofa………


Nautical but nice!

After a hard day touting your script around to the great, the good and the avant-garde it’s time to relax and slip into something a little more comfortable, like our Pure Silk Floral Sand Sheets.
Or perhaps you could slip into something a lot less comfortable, like your favourite designer frock, perch on some gorgeously glamorous golden seats and gaze at the goings on of the fabulous event…

Well, we can all dream can’t we! Unfortunately, we can’t help you with the location, or the frock. But we can help you enjoy the luxury and glamour of the festival in your own home with our some of our own fabulous furniture such as our Redford Floor Lamp.

Well, now that’s all sorted, I’m ready for my close up Mr DeMille.

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