How Do I Look?

How Do I Look

How Do I Look?

How will you ever know without a mirror? A well placed mirror makes a hall look wider and dark corners seem brighter.  A good hall mirror can stand between you leaving the house looking fabulous and you leaving the house with lipstick on your teeth or your skirt tucked in your knickers.  In fact, it should almost be compulsory to have a look in a mirror before you even get to the front door let alone out of it (says the woman who drove to work with a curler in her fringe).


We absolutely love the new mirrors that we have on our website. The oversized Nathalie is pretty and romantic and would grace any hall or bedroom. And the vast Large White Embossed Mirror with its soft, almost limed finish makes any room or space look twice as large.  My favourite is the Aurelie Mirror whose frame reminds me of ripples in a pond after you have tossed in a pebble. Last and by no means least we introduce the Venus Mirror with its Celtic knot like border.  This would look lovely hanging over a fireplace or in a hall or just standing as shown on a mantelpiece.

Browse through our mirrors now and get your perfect ‘How do I look?’ moment…



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