Let There Be Light!

Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light!

A chandelier can add charm to a bedroom, charisma to a kitchen, drama to a dining room, a talking point to a sitting room and impact to a hall.  It does not have to be huge or fussy or elaborate. It just has to be the right light in the right space.

Getting the lighting right in a room can transform it.  You can fill your home with beautiful and well thought out furniture but if the lighting is drab or poor or nondescript you can lose the impact.

We love this little gold number for the bedroom.  Hang this over the bed so that you do not bump your head on it and it looks so romantic and glamorous too.  Also love the Busy beads chandelier too, very bewitching!


We absolutely love the globe chandeliers and think they look pretty sensational in a kitchen.  Either singly, in a row or as a cluster in different sizes.


Chandelier Logann for the dining room, this would look dazzling over a dining table. This Eichhotlz Lantern Luna combines modern with traditional very effectively making a sitting room or lounge ageless.


If you want to add a little shock and awe to a double height stairwell or hall you cannot go much wrong with the Cocktail Chandelier.  Jaw droppingly lovely!

Head for the bright lights and have a look at our chandeliers section.


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