Let Them Make Cake

Let Them Make Cake

Here at Sweetpea and Willow towers the main topic of conversation is about the latest episode of ‘The Great British Bake-off’. This has even superseded the rehashing of the World Cup. In fact, few subjects come so close to our collective hearts as cake. Most of us bake or our partners bake or our siblings bake and every one of us eats cake so watching people wrestle with making and baking and creating is a matter for much discussion.

We have some lovely cake-related items on the website like this delightful little Dog Collar Ceramic Plate which is just begging for a few cup cakes to guard. Or if that is a little too kooky for you we have a traditional three-tier cake stand with a little handle for easy transportation (so you can run off with the cakes).  We also have this ethereal looking Mesh Cake Stand which is just so pretty.

cakes stands 1

Keeping any cake fresh is so much easier if you have a lidded cake stand like the Eichholtz Cake Stand Giorgio or the delightfully curvy Cake Stand. Though personally I have trouble understanding how cake can have time to go stale? So for me, it would have to be the Deco Pedestal Cake Stand.
cakes stands 2

I think it is a nationwide (if not universal) fact that you cannot have cake without a cup of tea and the Wonderland Stripe Cup and Saucer set is ideal. However, we know that a cup and saucer is not always practical, so for those occasions we recommend these jolly Gone Dotty Pink Mugs. Go on bake my cake.
cakes stands 3

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