Candle Crush Saga

Candle Crush Saga

pic 2It was Christmas Eve 1998 and with no warning the wind picked up, the lights went out and the turkey counted his blessings. The town was plunged into complete darkness and as we blindly scrambled for candles we carefully sidestepped rolls of Christmas wrapping paper. I expected chaos and panic but what happened was quite the opposite. As wicks were ignited and soft wax crawled on to festive plates, silhouettes of Christmas trees swayed in the frosted neighbourhood windows. Our house became infused with the curious medley of homemade stuffing and vanilla and strawberry scents and we embraced the beautiful unique setting. Now every time I eat a strawberry ripple ice cream I think of Christmas 98′


Kenneth Turner Indian Spice Scented Candle.

With your sense of smell so closely correlated with encouraging many vivid flashbacks it is easy to delve into a daydream with the soft spicy scent of cinnamon invoking memories of your first mulled wine or the calming trail of ocean breeze bringing you back to your summer break in sunny Cyprus. You do not need an excuse to get your candles burning but as the temperatures plummet and your commute home somehow extends late in to the evening, there is nothing better than melting into a sumptuous armchair surrounded by a cluster of flickering flames. Candles for candles sake make for a delightful present but should you put the right thought in to choosing a fitting scent, colour, lantern or holder, you have just made someone very happy!


Kenneth Turner Diffuser – Nature Nurture

pic 4

Okay, so candles are classed and believed by many to be accessories or needless additions but for me, they are centre pieces, absolute necessities  and let’s face it, luxurious essentials. A steamy bubble bath without candles is like newspaper-wrapped  fish without chips! A romantic evening meal without a slow dancing candle is like an elevenses’ tea break without a delicious dunking biscuit and that thunderous winter storm without the cosiness of cinnamon and spicy scents filling the air is like, well, a Sweetpea without Willow!!

Kenneth Turner Original Scented Candle

pic     pic 5

Indulge in the essentials ………………..

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