6 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home

6 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home

Keeping your living space tidy, stylish and on-trend can be rather challenging at the best of times. Whether you are kept busy being taxi for the kids, answering a constant influx of e-mails or just having some ‘me’ time, your living space can often fall victim to clutter, dullness and uniformity.

If this sounds familiar, fear not, here are our six way’s to spruce up your living space with relative ease:

  1. Add a dash of colour

Adding a splash of colour in a neutral environment can transform any space from boring to breathtaking. Our top tip for adding some hue is to choose an accent colour or theme, and build your room around this – whether it’s a pair of cushions, a throw, ornaments or accessories, these small additions can make a huge difference.

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If you are looking to add some vibrancy, then look no further than our array of comfy cushions, candle holders and home accessories – here are some of our faves:

Cushion 4     Candle 1  trinket box


  1. Change your fabrics

It is so easy to become accustomed to the fabrics in our homes – so simply changing the density, colours and/or textures of the fabrics on your furniture or cushions can transform your space.

Re-upholstering your current furniture with up-coming trends and styles is a sure way of making the most of what you already have. Alternatively, if you are unable to change the fabrics for any reason, you should peruse our Handmade in London collection which offers you the chance to create a bespoke piece of furniture of any size, style and fabric. We have a huge variety of fabrics including cottons, velvets, luxury linens and leathers (and what’s more, you can order free fabric samples from us!)

sofa 2    Sofa 1


  1. Make the most of natural light

The third way is probably the simplest of them all… If the prospect of changing your colour scheme, style or fabrics unnerves you, then a little re-arranging of mirrors to reflect the natural light, open up the space and generally enhance your decor. However, mirrors should be used sparingly and here are some top hacks when hanging them around your home:

  • Use large mirrors in tiny rooms and hallways to create an illusion of depth and space
  • Make mirrors a focal point – one bold piece can set the entire tone for the room
  • Obey the rules of feng shui and do not have them reflect doors and windows, beds, toilets, another mirror and clutter!
  • Do not hand them just to fill wall space – make sure they have a purpose

Let there be light with our stunning Puzzle Mirror with bevelled edges – it oozes luxury sophistication, and help increase natural light.

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  1. Revamp your walls

Fed up of looking at dull, lifeless walls? Up lift your walls with illuminating wall lamps that will add light and class to your room, or hang a decorative wall clock that compliments your style, or add your personality with an exquisite wall plaque.

Breaking your walls up with lights, clocks, plaques and art will add character and offer talking points to your house guests.

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  1. Bring the outside in

Adding some much needed greenery into your life can make a huge impact on the look and feel of your room. For those who have green fingers, house plants and flowers are great, but if like me, you find them a bit of a hassle and hard to maintain, then we recommend maximising your style with minimum fuss and ‘branch’ out with artificial plants. From elegant orchids to exotic lemon trees and bright topiaries, there are many options to help you create the perfect ambiance in your living space.

 Plant 1 plant 2 plant 3

  1. De-clutter

Last but not least, and as obvious as it sounds… our final tip is to de-clutter. “How do I do this?” I hear you cry. Well, if you are a bit of a hoarder and your space resembles that of a flea market, trunks and ottomans are an absolute god-send. They allow you to de-clutter without actually getting rid of all your worldly possessions… perfect!

Our stylish trunks and ottomans ensure a practical solution, without compromising on aesthetics.

storage 1 11


So there you have it. Six ways to help spruce your space and transform it into a beautiful abode!

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