Inspirational Colours of 2016

Inspirational Colours of 2016

Before you wrap your presents and hang your mistletoe. Look through your brochures’ and re-asses your homes as Pantone has spoken. Rose Quartz and Serenity are the colours to follow.

This new year, add these colours to your resolutions, be creative with the brilliance and make a statement with new pieces. Don’t just follow the trend, become it. Take time, be patient. You cannot rush perfection, you must simply become enlightened. The key is to develop the ability to see the bigger picture, so see not an image but a vision.  How, you might ask?

Would we leave you all without guidance? No, that’s not the Sweetpea and Willow way.

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Bring art to your home with these luxury pieces. In this rose piece, we urge you to take the throne and reign over your guests. Place it under cream curtains to make it the feature of the room. Add gold tones and cool bronzes to take it from a room into an attraction. Set the pace with your family friends and loved ones this Christmas and New Years, show them the ropes- help them onto the right path of style.

With five years guarantee and the option to ‘bespoke’ the Chaise, what’s there to think about? You are the princess and we are just waiting to fit your glass slipper. Let us make your dream come true.

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If you are not one for the Rose Quartz this new year then don’t worry, the other colour is Serenity. Relaxing as this sounds, we know tone and good colour when we see it. Sweetpea and Willow proudly elect The Eichholtz Sofa Gaby Blue, to take the stage for this one. The sofa combines elegance and modern flair. It’s fun and composed. It is timeless.

Be spontaneous and as enticing as Pantone are. After all, that’s what they want you to do. Have a look at what they suggest and create life from ideas. It is not just about what the pieces are or what the colour is, but the vision that comes with it.

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