Love The Way You Live

Love The Way You Live

Looking after your home is great but we mustn’t forget to care for our bodies. Our bodies like our homes are temples, and so we should treat them that way.

Here at Sweetpea & Willow, we understand just how hard it is to always to stay healthy, especially as we love food so much! But it is our love for food that drives us to try and find better alternatives. Now, before anyone rolls their eyes, it’s possible. Without a doubt 2015/2016 has most definitely been accepting of being healthy and working out. Fashion chains are releasing particular workout wear, and restaurants are creating delicious healthier versions of meals. The nation is taking ownership of their bodies and what we put into them.

As if that isn’t inspiring enough, some bakeries are making guilt-free treats. Yes, I said guilt-free treats!  New places are always popping up and finding surprising ways to recreate our classic treats, making sure you won’t have to worry about your calorie, fat or sugar intake.


Pop over to Madeliene Shaw’s Blog to see how to make this moreish Vegan Chocolate Bark.

As well as healthy eating it’s important we stay fit and exercise regularly. If you are like me and the gym is not your friend, then trying to find fun new ways of working out is always helpful. I have ventured through Pilates, Aqua spin, and Hath yoga. Trying new and unusual modes of training is always mentally stimulating as it’s different to the conventional workout.


Faya is an excellent blogger and health and lifestyle blogger ‘Fitnessontoast‘ who shares amazing workouts, nutrition, and recipes for remarkable food. If you want a few hints and tricks, then her blog is defiantly perfect for you.

Recently I was introduced to Calisthenics, which is a fun and cost-free way of training. It’s all about discipline, morphing the mind and body into a single unit. Execution and technique are important when it comes to training in this art form, but patience and precision I have learnt is imperative when learning new moves and new balances. When one has control of their body they can, in turn, take the reins of their life. The results, well they speak for themselves. The best part is you can be anywhere and get a fantastic workout.

This year it’s all about finding the right balance, in our food and lifestyles, enjoying what you do and how you train.  Remember that our bodies are our homes too and like we modernise and decorate our houses. Let us do just that for our bodies.

À la prochaine. x

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