Get with the trend! Summer Edition

Get with the trend! Summer Edition

Here are some of our favourite trends this summer and tips and ideas to help your interiors be super stylish!!!

  1. Rattan

This 70s throwback has once again become fashionable but this time with some interesting contemporary twists. Rattan is a brilliant neutral material which compliments a variety of colours, designs and styles and its light colour and weight make it great for small spaces. Nowadays, Rattan is being used in new shapes, for lighting and for accessories – the possibilities are endless!

Rattan 1 Rattan 2


1. Eichholtz Basket Clift Set of 3, 2. Childs chair white with heart, 3. Source: Houzz, 4. Source: Houzz, 5. Eichholtz Basket Clift Set of 3, 6. Eichholtz Flightcase Cane, 7. Higold shenzhou x tête-à-tête Garden set , 8. Higold mosch small dinner table, 9. St Barth Armchair, 10. St Barth Grandmother Armchair, 11. Higold shenzhou x tête-à-tête Garden set – Screen, 12. Higold Mosch Large Dining Set

  1. Pantone’s Colour of the year 2016

This year Pantone’s colour of the year was a two-tone colour. Pantone reported that Rose Quartz and Serenity reflect the consumers’ desire for calmer tones as they seek ‘mindfulness and wellbeing as an antidote to modern-day stresses’. This is also reflected in the return of the pastel trend which can be easily introduced through wallpaper, upholstery and accessories. To create a more soothing living area, simply replaces bold pop colours with pastel colours and change your statement wall to a more tranquil colour.

Pantone 2

Pantone 1


1. The Bali Tray, 2. Designers Guild Savigny Lapis Cushion, 3. Boston Set of 4 Linen Napkins, 4. Fossil and Steel Bookends, 5. Designers Guild Taurani Pale Jade Rug, 6. Opalescent Tealight Set, 7. Designers Guild Taurani Crocus Rug, 8. Set of Stone Agate Boxes, 9. Boston Set of 4 Linen Napkins, 10. The Bali Tray, 11. Lilac Square Cushion Cover, 12. Distressed Picture Easel

  1. Glam Bathrooms

In recent years, bathrooms have become a more important room in the home, changing from merely an essential space to one which is chic, comfortable and on trend. With many hotel designers and home owners wishing to create a bathroom that feels more like a living space, bathrooms have become more and more glamorous. To get the haute hotel look, simply introduce an armchair, a stunning chandelier or some greenery.

Bathroom 2

Bathroom 1


1. Artificial Aloe Vera Plant, 2. Jonathan Charles Artanis Clover Lamp Table, 3. Eichholtz Aero Chair, 4. Hampstead Side Table , 5. Eichholtz Aero Chair, 6. White Orchid Plant, 7. Eichholtz Chair Domani, 8. Eichholtz Chandelier Tivoli, 9. Eichholtz Side Table Domingo, 10. Eichholtz Chandelier Tivoli, 11. Eichholtz Side Table Chilton, 12. Eichholtz Chair Domani

  1. Floral patterns and Foliage

And that brings us on to our next trend spot – not only is greenery in the bathroom a great idea to create a certain vibe, using foliage and floral patterns around the house in a variety of ways can give your home a tropical, airy and bright feeling. This trend is especially relevant considering 2016 is the year of the English Garden and there are so many ways you can bring this trend into your home; wallpaper, cushions, accessories and artificial flowers and plants which are a great hassle-free way to introduce this style.

Floral 1

Floral 2


1. White Rose Bush in Pot, 2. Designers Guild Daisy Stripe Peony Rug, 3. Pinky’s Camellia Tree, 4. Bloomsbury Rose Damson Cushion, 5. True Grace English Garden Candle, 6. Designers Guild Butterfly Parade Opalin Cushion, 7. Designers Guild Shanghai Garden Peony Rug, 8. True Grace Black Lily Candle, 9. Double Jeu Opiat Cushion, 10. Hydrangea Garden Pot, 11. Double Jeu Jonquille Cushion, 12. Orchid Moss Plants

  1. Matte Finishes

Last year’s hype about metallic finishes is long gone and now matte finishes are in the spotlight. With more and more matte finish cars whizzing past in the streets, the trend is becoming more popular in interiors. You’ll be glad to hear that this style is easy, cheap and straightforward to incorporate into your home. Simply introduce a statement wall with chalk paint, incorporate a matte finish lamp or piece of furniture to quickly achieve this fashionable look!

Matte 1 Matte 2


1. Source: Houzz, 2. Distressed Birdcage, 3. Source: Houzz, 4. Source:, 5. Source: Houzz, 6. Mesh Dome Stand, 7. White Knight 5 Arm Chandelier, 8. Source:,            9. Small Antique Taupe Carved Top Mirror, 10. Classic French Crest Top Mirror 11. Sultan 6 Arm Chandelier, 12. Source: Houzz

  1. Formal Dining Rooms

Houzz reports that families are becoming less and less likely to convert their dining rooms into bash offices or storage areas, as spending quality family time over dinner is coming back into fashion! Switch off your TV and set an hour for family dinner in a comfortable and sleek dining room. Large tables, plush dining chairs and handy yet beautiful accessories will enrich dining experiences with your loved ones.

Dining Room 1

Dining 2


1. Eichholtz Wall Lamp Hermitage, 2. Aston Ceiling Lamp, 3. Madison Dining Chair, 4. Eichholtz Dining Chair Lancaster, 5. Eichholtz Avenue Montaigne Cabinet, 6. Eichholtz Wall Lamp Infinity, 7. Classical White Louis XV Showcase, 8. Eichholtz Chandelier La Coupole, 9. Eichholtz Orion Cabinet, 10. 10 Arm Imogen Chandelier, 11. Eichholtz Cabinet Grand Royale Black, 12. Eichholtz Chair Garcia

Comment or tweet us with pictures showing how you have incorporated these trends in your home for the chance to win an amazing True Grace English Garden candle!

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