Sweetpea & Willow’s Sponsorship with Fields of Life

Sweetpea & Willow’s Sponsorship with Fields of Life

Fields of Life are a UK based organisation committed to bringing about positive change in East Africa through education, water, health promotion and community-based projects. We first became involved with this fantastic charity last summer when were shaking off our favourite party wear to attend the wonderful Red Ribbon Awards.

Although it was a happy night for us as Sweetpea as were nominated and won an award of commendation, it ended up that the night had a far more important focus for us. A very worthy representative from Fields of life took stage to inform us of the plight of families in Uganda. This made us sit up and remember how fortunate we are in comparison with many others across the globe and we, as a company and each of us personally, wanted to do something to help the individuals and communities that the representative was speaking so passionately about.

Our whole team was very passionate about getting involved with the Fields of Life project and we decided to dig deep and sponsor the building of a well. The Odwarata ‘C’ well was completed on 5th October 2015 and is the 473rd well to be drilled by Fields of Life, which is an amazing and breath -aking achievement and which has no doubt hugely improved and even saved the lives of thousands of women, children and families. We are delighted and very proud to attach a few photos taken during the installation of the well.


The well is located in Pallisa Eastern Uganda where access to water is extremely limited and where consumption of contaminated water is sadly a way of life. The nearest water source for this community was a shallow well located 2km away which meant people from the village had to spend many hours walking long distances to collect water and would have to do this journey numerous times throughout the day. This task usually fell to the women and children resulting in children missing valuable school hours and women missing work. Further, the water they were forced to collect was contaminated with many waterborne diseases and contained human and animal waste which led to many in the village becoming severely ill.


We really believe that in 2016 this should not be the compulsory way of life for so many people around the globe and that is why we are so delighted to have helped change the lives of some people and adhere to do more to help others in our daily lives and with involvement in other projects. We hope as a business in the near future to fund another well and will be sure to keep you informed of the progress.


“With heartfelt thanks to the generosity of Sweetpea & Willow, the Odwarata ‘C’ well will provide clean fresh water for 64 households within the community.  Each household has an average of 9 members therefore approximately 576 people will now have access to clean water”.


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