Transforming your home from a summery space to an autumn haven

Transforming your home from a summery space to an autumn haven

As summer is drawing to a close and the leaves will soon begin to fall and crunch under our feet, Sweetpea is here with some top tips and ideas for transforming your home from a delightful summery space to a stylish autumn haven. We have chosen our favourite picks from 2016’s autumn trends and will show you how these can be incorporated into your interiors with minimal hassle…parfait!

1. Cosy knits & luxury comfort

This is a fabulous trend and can be achieved by merely draping a luxurious fluffy throw across your sofa or adding some plush cushions onto your bed, whoever said one had to choose between style and comfort?!

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1. Iluminar Stardust Pillow, 2. Cube Silk Cushion, 3. Eichholtz Plaid Throw, 4. Shimmer Birch Tree Cushion, 5. Go West Hide Rug, 6. Mongolian Lambskin Rug, 7. Eichholtz Carpet Vintage Patchwork, 8. New Zealand Sheepskin Rug, 9. Crewelwork Throw, 10. Crewelwork Cushion Cover, 11. Alaska Fox Beanbag, 12. Cream Plush Beanbag

2. Nature

Incorporating nature into interiors is a wonderful way to create the illusion of space and a feeling of tranquillity. Whether you opt for floral patterns, silk or colours such as icy blues, greys and white, this is a great trend which can be subtly incorporated and have maximum effect.

1    2


1. Pure Silk Grey Blanket, 2. Metallic Moonlight throw, 3. Double Jeu Jonquille Cushion, 4. Double Jeu Opiat Cushion, 5. Designers Guild Savigny Lapis Cushion, 6. Designers Guild Holyrood Ivory Cushion, 7. Pure Silk Duvet Cover, 8. Pure Silk Sheets

3. Crystal

Following from the nature trend, crystal is a versatile material which you can bring into your home in many ways and very easily. Crystal has an opulent air and if placed in the right position, reflects light in a beautiful kaleidoscopic pattern, giving the feeling of brightness and natural serenity into your living space. From photo frames to chandeliers to lamps, there are a variety of ways this trend can be achieved.

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1. Crystal Chandelier, 2. Eichholtz Chandelier Kasbah, 3. Eichholtz Lamp Kensington Crystal, 4. Crystal Square Column Lamp, 5. Crystal Ashtray, 6. Kenneth Turner Crystal Pillar Candle Holder, 7. Eichholtz Frame Everett, 8. Eichholtz Frame Abbott

4. Dark greens and blues

Dark greens and blues are super stylish and chic and can be incorporated into a minimalistic interior through a statement piece like our Lansdowne or Hatfield sofa collections or perhaps a lavish rug.


1. Designers Guild Eberson Grass Rug, 2. Designers Guild Eberson Cobalt Rug, 3. Eichholtz Carpet Baldwin, 4. Eichholtz Carpet George, 5. Lansdowne Sofa, 6. Emerald Green Hatfield Sofa

À la prochaine!.X

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