Vicki Psarias in the Hot Seat | Q & A

Vicki Psarias in the Hot Seat | Q & A

Every now and then, we at Sweetpea & Willow, like to introduce you to the people in our industry who we absolutely adore. These are bloggers, designers, and generally like-minded individuals who influence the world of design by consistently posting beautiful imagery and useful tips.

Vicki Psarias, also known as Honest Mum, is a multi-award winning blogger, vlogger and TV personality. Her bestselling debut book Mumboss inspires other women to overcome the imposter syndrome and build a business or return to work with greater confidence.


We put Vicki in the hot seat and here is what she had to say! Enjoy

.  .  .

The first thing I do when I wake up is…

Cuddle my youngest child, Alexander, 6, who is usually squashed in between my husband, Peter and I. He likes to get into our bed in the early hours. He still smells of that honey-like baby smell.

In one short sentence, I would describe my home as…

Currently de-cluttered and Marie-Kondoed but always in need of a good hoovering as it’s the summer holidays and while my kids are generally tidy, they’re 9 and 6 and like to leave a trail of crumbs everywhere they go. I do like to keep on top of things too, as I just can’t relax if the place is a mess. I work from home so I need the lounge to be as serene as possible otherwise I distract myself cleaning and tidying. I’m also one of those weird people who like ironing. That wasn’t always the way but the last few years have seen me love it!



My favourite room in my home is…

My bedroom because it’s the same size as the lounge with a pretty dressing table and pink armchair, plus an en-suite bathroom and shower. We’re renting here in Windsor while we sell our properties in Yorkshire so will be buying soon. I’ve not seen a bedroom like it in any houses we’ve viewed yet though so I’m preparing myself to miss it!

The three most important things I can’t leave home without are…

Aside from my family, it’s a huge bag which fits my life in, my comfort blanket aka my phone plus a battery as it dies so quickly, and antihistamine (damn you hayfever)!

My dream destination to visit would be…

New York! I know, I should have visited already-it’s on the list. I loved LA but know the vibe is totally different in NYC. It’s happening!



My top 3 dinner guests would be…

Dead or alive: Maya Angelou, Meghan Markle and Oprah, all fascinating, strong feminists who changed and are changing the world. I was lucky enough to hear Oprah speak at a film Q&A last year, and unsurprisingly, her wisdom and magnetism brought me to tears.

The thing I love most about my job is…

I run the show. It’s incredibly empowering to have built a creative business from my kitchen table, which never ceases to nourish me –  and thanks to the democratic internet, anyone can follow suit.

An invaluable piece of information that I’ve received is…

Compassion is everything. Start with yourself and all will follow.



Tonight I will probably be dreaming about…

Tom Hardy, I mean my husband Peter bahhaha!

My dream piece from Sweetpea & Willow would be….

Ooh, the Hazelmere Chaise Longue (we left ours in Leeds with my Mum who had two of hers reupholstered and kindly gifted us one). Plus these dreamy cushions would look perfect on our current sofas.

.  .  .

Thank you so much to Vicki Psarias for her fabulous answers.

For more interior inspiration, read her fabulous blog and book!


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