Established in 2008, this Italian brand offers a wide range of furnishings produced by local artisans, as well as decorative items sourced from both Europe and worldwide for refined and exclusive interiors.

Its mission is to create a complete look for elegant homes, smart hotels, refined public spaces and high-end events. Its search for new products involves finding pieces that are innovative in their style and suited to the needs of customers. 

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Abhika Silvester Vase


Abhika Scotch Sideboard


Abhika Rete Box


Abhika Flam Chandelier - Silver


Abhika Flam Chandelier - Gold


Abhika Carpet Box


Abhika Rise Dresser


Abhika Fan Circus Box


Abhika Kampai Side Table


Abhika Hammy Stool - Silver

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white ming face vase

Abhika Ming Face Vase


Abhika Malaki Nek Vase - L


Abhika Malaki Nek Vase - S


Abhika Cheetah Bookend - Left


Abhika Cheetah Bookend - Right


Abhika Glass Perfume Bottle


Abhika Round Impero Vase


Abhika Handstand Vase


Abhika Triad Coffee Table - Gold

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Items 1-32 of 138