Established in 2008, this Italian brand offers a wide range of furnishings produced by local artisans, as well as decorative items sourced from both Europe and worldwide for refined and exclusive interiors.

Its mission is to create a complete look for elegant homes, smart hotels, refined public spaces and high-end events. Its search for new products involves finding pieces that are innovative in their style and suited to the needs of customers. 

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Abhika Moro Man Vase with Candle Holder
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A stylish side lamp with black pleated shade

Abhika Dob Stair Table Lamp

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modern table lamp with black and white shade

Abhika Dob Scul Table Lamp


Abhika Cheetah Candle Holder


Abhika Bones Box


Abhika Zebra Frame


Abhika Bone & Brass Frame

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round marble table with brass base

Abhika Dike Table


Abhika Ibis Lixus


Abhika Lixus Feet


Abhika Rodi Plate


Abhika Santorini Plate


Abhika Creta Plate


Abhika Tiger Candle Holder


Abhika Maui Lady Vase


Abhika Potiche

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Abhika Atlanta Laying Leo


Abhika Atlanta Walking Leo


Abhika Atlanta Cockatoo


Abhika Atlanta Zebra


Abhika Plain Box


Abhika Edge Frame


Abhika Simple Frame

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Items 1-32 of 140