Tips and guides- How to measure for a sofa!

Tips and guides- How to measure for a sofa!

We all know how exciting it is shopping for new furniture, but we also know how horrible it is when you find out that the piece you’ve ordered doesn’t fit into the space you want it for.  Worry not! We’re going to take you through a step to step guide on how to measure for your furniture. Now we appreciate that measuring for your sofa can feel a little daunting – but  (and trust us when we say this) it has to be done. It should take around 10 minutes to check spacing and access, this will ensure a hassle free delivery.

In the next few months, we are going to be writing a few blogs that will cover everything from useful tips like measuring for your furniture,  colour picking, decorating and more.
So without further ado here is out here is our measuring guide to help you get started:

Step 1) Assess the room or space you want to put the sofa in. Are there corners, radiators in the area? Think about whether they will get in the way of the sofa. Remember that placing a couch in front of a radiator slows down the heat distribution around the room. It may take a little longer for your room to get warm.


Step 2) Now that you have looked at the space and are aware of any issues you can start your search!  There are so many sofas and styles so try and find one that works with your space. Ask yourself questions like ‘Do I have room for a big four-seater’ or ‘Perhaps a corner sofa would fit perfectly?’ To ensure the sofa fits, you can measure out the area using newspaper. Is there space to walk around the sofa? Remember to allow for a few extra centimetres as the sofas are handmade and may differ slightly.

If you are ordering a Corner sofa make sure you have selected the correct facing sofa ‘left or right’ Is it the correct configuration for your room.




Step 3) One final thing and this is just as important as measuring the space your sofa will sit, is measuring the space the sofa has to travel through. If you have narrow hallways will it go through? Are your doors big enough? If you live on a first floor, will your sofa be able to get up the stairs?

These are all things you should consider: as I said at the beginning, there is nothing worse than having your dream sofa arrive and then have it not fit. After that you need not worry our team will get your brand new sofa into the right space. We have great ways to work with critical access. From sofas being produced with pieces, that can be assembled together on arrival to an array of different size sofas.


You should never hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, as who better to talk you through it then the best!
Remember these little steps and you will save yourself a lot of hassle and have your room looking amazing!

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