Greenery is back in a very stylish way! De-stress your home with easy indoor plants for winter. They won’t just brighten up your home, but also lighten your mood!

Have fun with your plants, mix different shapes and sizes with colourful pots in your home office or in a corner close to a window with light.

Make a statement with an interesting plant on a coffee table or next to a stunning designer sofa.

Here are some of the easiest plants to grow indoors and that will survive the winter.


Head over to your nearest nursery and ask for this medicinal wonder. Aloe needs a wide container and can be kept in a window sill in the kitchen for everyday use. The juice from aloe relieves pain from scrapes, cuts and burns all common injuries in the kitchen. Water your aloe well, but ensure that it dries at least thumb length deep before watering it again to avoid rot.

English Ivy

The English Ivy makes the best indoor plant out of all varieties. Ivy’s prefer not to be over watered rather more dry soil than wet. They also prefer a lot of light, so place them close to a window. It is a good idea to rinse the leaves to remove dust and other pests. They don’t need fertiliser in winter, only once a month in summer

Jade Plant

The lucky plant or “money tree” ages beautifully indoors, are very easy to grow and will eventually have lovely thick branches with fleshy glossy leaves.  The fast-growing leaves and good placement of these plants will hopefully reflect this growing energy in your bank balance per Feng Shui followers.

Boston Fern

Perfect for winter as they need a cool spot, with indirect light and high humidity. If the air in your house is dry due to heating lightly mist about twice a week or move your fern close to a shower to add a bit more humidity. The soil needs to remain damp for your plant to flourish.

Areca Palm

An easy plant to grow inside if you have the space, these plants grow 6 to 7 feet tall and need a large container. They are one of the best air purifier plants and they are non-toxic to pets. The palm needs filtered light with moist well-drained soil and fertilising from late winter onwards. They prefer 16°C to 24°C and the worst you can do is to over water your palm.

If you don’t have time to maintain indoor plants you can always get the look with these no maintenance and incredibly real looking artificial plants:

1. Areca palm2. Boston Fern3. Potted Air Plant4. Money Tree Succulent5. Mini Succulent Bowl6. Bamboo Plant

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