Beach Vibes in the City

Beach Vibes in the City

Hey beach babes; here is one just for you!

As you may have gathered, we love everything about summer! Whether you love the tropical charm of the Caribbean, the chilled vibes of Ibiza, or the classic British Seaside, we’ll show you how to bring the holiday vibes home so that every day can be a beach day. 

Here are some amazing interior ideas for transforming your city abode into a truly relaxing seaside sanctuary!

Brilliant Beach Blues

Sometimes living in the city can leave you feeling stressed, claustrophobic and overwhelmed; adding splashes of blue around your home helps to create a peaceful atmosphere and a harmonious home.  From subtle sky blues to deep sea blues, there are many ways of implementing this enthralling colour!

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L-R: Eichholtz Marquis VaseEichholtz Roche Cushion – Blue, Blue Mood No. 5 Canvas, Savanna Blue Lantern 

Greens for days

Adding mesmerising shades of green to your interior spaces is a great way of refreshing your home with rich colour and life. Use it sparingly or drench your home in it – just have fun with it! You can add plants and greenery for a direct experience of nature. Plants like Cacti are low maintenance, making them perfect for even the busiest of people.

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L-R: Eichholtz Volante Dining Chair – Roche Dark Green, Tosca Upholstered Bed, Tall Monstera Plant, Eichholtz Olivier Table Lamp 

Sandy Neutrals

We can’t get enough of the neutrals! These dreamy natural shades and neutral tones are simple, practical and effortlessly stylish.  These warm, sandy hues are fabulous for adding texture to your rooms, especially in the form of knitted throws and crocheted cushions.

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L-R: Tallulah Cushion, Toba Mirror – Large, Muriel Shell, Boheme Outdoor Lounge Set

Coastal Corals

And last but not least, we have Pantone’s colour of the year. You no longer need to imagine you’re strolling along a Caribbean beach on a midsummer night – you can live it! Don’t be afraid to embrace this gorgeous and trendy shade for lovely sunset-on-the-beach vibes! You can also add some personality to your home with stunning salmons and precious peaches.

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L-R: A Modern Grand Tour – Mini Ostrich Feather Lamp – Gold Base – Coral, New Zealand Sheepskin Beanbag – Rosa, Penelope Dining Chair, Eichholtz Baymont Vase – Large


Ultimately, your home should be an outward expression of you; have fun with decorating and refurnishing and don’t be afraid to branch out of your comfort zone to try something new as well!


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