Amazing Coffee Shops with Incredible Interiors you must visit

Amazing Coffee Shops with Incredible Interiors you must visit

At Sweetpea & Willow, we love interiors and coffee, and we have been blown away by some phenomenal cafes from all around the world that have outstanding interiors and unforgettable spaces! Here are five of the most beautifully aesthetic, quirky, unique, bright and eccentric coffee shop interiors that we have selected from all corners of the globe loved by interior designers and coffee drinkers alike – read on and be amazed!

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Harlan + Holden Glasshouse Cafe, Manila

Nestled in the heart of a bustling city, this calm and refreshing oasis of green gives diners and coffee lovers a direct experience of nature. The gorgeous curved seating is dressed in mint green upholstery and is finished with natural patterned cane – an unconventional combo which creates a uniquely brilliant design. The decorative fig trees are instrumental in bringing the ‘greenhouse’ to life while the large, glass windows allow visitors to enjoy the lush, natural greenery flourishing around the cafe as well.



NOC Coffee Co., Hong Kong

Minimalists, feast your eyes on this amazing cafe interior! Located in Hong Kong, this stylish coffee shop uses both modern industrial and simplistic Scandinavian style in their design. The on-trend curved chairs and sharp tables are united with complementary, neutral tones. This interior space has an organic feel, a sense amplified by the industrial ‘unfinished’ ceiling and lighting as well as and the natural shades used for the furnishings and decor.

noc coffee interior


EL&N, London

EL&N, which stands for Eat, Live and Nourish, is one of the most instagrammable cafes in the world. This remarkable location offers an iconic flower wall and possibly the pinkest interior you’ve ever laid your eyes on. This design features copper accents and fabulous Art Deco-inspired lighting, introducing a sense of vintage elegance to the contemporary space.

Cafe연남동 (Cafe Yeonnam-dong), Seoul

Now here is a cafe like no other; this coffee shop has been designed to look like a real-life black and white cartoon drawing! Everything, from the tables to utensils, contributes to the 2D illusion allowing you to become the star of your very own webtoon. The monochromatic interior imitates french style ornamental ceilings and furnishings and even features illustrated plants and flooring.

Gard’Ann, Hungary

The pastel green and splashes of pastel pink used for this stunning cafe work in unison to create a warm and inviting space. The design is complete with complementary armchairs in a brilliant, blue velvet upholstery, stylish white marble tables and an exotic, botanical feature wall. The alluring gold accents, curved seating and globed lighting give the cafe a luxurious early-century feel.



We hope you have been inspired by these stunning cafe interiors! We would so love to book a trip around the world to visit all these places, but until then, why not revamp your home with a new, trendy coffee table? At Sweetpea &Willow, we have a wide selection of awesome coffee tables for all interior styles!

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