Our latest collaboration with Liang & Eimil boasts an array of exquisite furniture, seating and accessories, designed to fit seamlessly into any luxury home decor. With our extensive curated selection ranging from classy and contemporary to classic and timeless, we want to showcase the ways you can style some of our editor’s favourites to achieve a truly unique and desirable look.

Inspiration Behind The Designs

“My design ethos is deeply influenced by the captivating beauty of nature and the enriching experiences garnered through travel. Immersing myself in diverse landscapes and cultures, I am inspired by the harmonious interplay of shapes, colours, and textures encountered along my journeys. From the vibrant tapestry of cuisines to the architectural marvels, each experience fuels my creativity, translating into innovative product designs. This year’s design trends resonate with my philosophy, as I embrace organic forms, and earthy hues such as browns, ochre, and greens, along with textural fabrics and natural materials like wood with bold grains. These elements create soft, inviting contours that evoke a sense of comfort and harmony, encouraging individuals to relax and connect with their surroundings.”

Image credit: Amalia Boier

Frank Eimil, Co-Founder and Creative Director

A Warm and Inviting Seating Nook

With a stunning selection of armchairs and side tables available, Liang & Eimil has everything you need to create a cosy yet elevated seating nook for your home. Incorporating warm woods and neutral upholstery creates a captivating symphony of textures for a gorgeously cohesive look, ensuring that this spot will become your favourite place to unwind this spring/summer season.

Liang & Eimil Epic Occasional Chair - Boucle Sand

Liang & Eimil Borne Side Table - Classic Brown Ash

Liang & Eimil Twist Table Lamp - Bronze/Faux White Marble

Liang & Eimil Polter Ottoman - Boucle Sand

Liang & Eimil Kobicha Print

Deep Hues for Dining in Style

Bringing some dark and rich tones into brightly lit dining room decor is a great way of creating an indulgent and sophisticated feel in your space. Dressing your dining table with some unique and shapely accessories will refine the space, making it the perfect place for luxury hosting.

Liang & Eimil Jagger Dining Chair - Sherpa Grey - Set of 2

Liang & Eimil Herzog Dining Table - Dark Grey Oak

Liang & Eimil Baldwin Ceiling Lamp - Antique Brass Clear Glass

Liang & Eimil Duke Candle Holder

Luxe Living with an Airy Feel

Fresh, alluring and timeless. Liang & Eimil offer all the essentials you need to create a clean and classy living space. Embracing some dreamy marble and exquisite brass details will ensure your space feels warm and inviting, while maintaining a sublime sense of impeccable taste and elegance.

Liang & Eimil Marat Sofa - Boucle Sand/Brushed Brass

Liang & Eimil Rock Coffee Table - Grey Faux Marble

Liang & Eimil Kovan I Painting

Liang & Eimil Ivy Wall Lamp - Antique Brass Clear Glass

Liang & Eimil Vicar Ceramic Vase - M - White/Gold

Liang & Eimil Vicar Ceramic Vase - L - White/Gold

About Our Partnership

Sweetpea & Willow are proud to continuously grow our brand relationships to bring even more exquisite designs than ever to luxury homes across the UK. Our collaboration with Liang & Eimil is driven by our dedication to our ethos, as we seek to collate an innovative collection that will inspire you to ‘Love The Way You Live.’

“Collaborating with Sweetpea & Willow as a retail partner represents a strategic alignment centred on shared vision and mutual success. Together, we forge a trusted alliance, driven by a deep understanding of our brand and a collective dedication to delivering exceptional products and services to our customers. This partnership highlights our commitment to continual support and improvement. In essence, our partnership is founded upon principles of trust, respect, and a shared pursuit of excellence.”

Honghui Liang, Co-Founder and Managing Director