Join us as we shine the spotlight on some of our flowery favourites, from perfect-petal silhouettes to beautiful blooming prints and faux floral fancies as we celebrate the enchanting elegance of the
Chelsea Flower Show.

Flowery Favourites

We adore adding elements of floral freshness to interiors in the warmer months and embracing elegant flower-like forms. This is a beautiful way of introducing a touch of summery style into your interiors while bringing an enchanting element of the outdoors in.

Fabulous Finishing Touches

If floral furnishings are not your fancy, try accessorising your space with some ornate flowery details, from summery coffee table books and faux flowers to perfect prints and tasteful textiles, there’s plenty of ways you can embrace the plant-inspired perfection of the Chelsea Flower Show in your home decor.

Styling Tips: Alluring Arrangements

If floral patterns and silhouettes aren’t your thing, why not invest in some statement vases to make the most of your bouquets and floral arrangements?

We find that opting for larger vases helps to make your bouquet stand out as a dazzling centrepiece all of its own. Enhance your bouquet further by complementing the colour or texture of the vase to the colours of the flowers, or choose an understated glass vase with an elegant silhouette to make the colours of the flowers pop more.

See some of our favourite ways to style our vases, and shop our top picks for vases below.