We’ve teamed up with the wonderful Neha Shah, an incredibly talented interior designer based in North West London. Neha’s poignant passion for interiors is demonstrated through her luxurious and timeless designs and her ability to create an elegant, yet homely space. Read on to get some tips on how you can achieve the luxury look, and to see Neha’s Sweetpea Favourites.

Neha’s Maida Vale Holiday Home, photographed by Chris Snook (@snookphotograph)

When designing interiors, I’m most inspired by… 

What I see around me; mainly be it through hotels I’ve stayed in or restaurants I’ve been to. I’m continually looking for inspiration through all platforms online and get drawn to interiors that exude a casual yet put-together style. I tend to gravitate towards interior design that exudes earthy colours combined with neutral palettes; interiors that combine different textures and interiors that combine contemporary clean lines paired with traditional details.

An achievement I am most proud of in my career is…

To start my own interior design business (during the pandemic and now an economic crisis). Having worked for several other companies over the years, it was time to really take that leap and risk. It’s a lot of hard work and you’re wearing several different hats (that many don’t even think about), but at the same time, it is incredibly rewarding seeing the final project come to fruition and more importantly the client’s reaction. I have been fortunate enough to gain a lot of business through recommendations, and there is no bigger compliment than that.

Neha’s Maida Vale Holiday Home, photographed by Chris Snook (@snookphotograph)

An invaluable piece of advice I have received is…

Plan, plan, plan…(with a little grace)! If you’re doing a full refurbishment project, it’s imperative to have made decisions on every aspect of your home before thinking about even starting any form of refurbishment work. Clients are usually in such haste to start the minute they find a builder, but it ends up creating a much more expensive project, and more importantly a delayed project!

Secondly, reach for design choices that create a timeless interior. Following trends will keep your space thriving for a couple of months. You want to create a space you will still love in five or more years to come but still have the option to change around some items in the short interim, that keep it fresh.

My favourite room in my house is…

My bedroom. It’s a space where I can shut the door behind me and unwind in peace after what can sometimes be an overwhelming day.

My current obsession is all things green, and so whilst I have a neutral space the striking feature is my oversized velvet sage green headboard. I particularly love the clean line shape of it with the cut corners and the double layer of antique brass studs. This is accented with shaker-style wardrobes and rattan-fronted bedsides.


See Neha’s curation of professional top picks and get the look of effortless luxury.

“Accent pieces are a great way to make a room feel more personal. My general rule of thumb is having a neutral canvas and adding in colour that can be interchangeable over time. This beautiful Morrison Armchair, upholstered in a gorgeous moss velvet is the perfect way to do that.”

If you would like to keep up with Neha and her utterly stunning designs, you can head over to her Instagram @NS.InteriorDesign or find out more over on her website. If you enjoyed this Q&A as much as we did, let us know by leaving a comment and clicking the ♡ below.