Throughout the decades, each year has showcased its own era: from the futuristic feel of the 1960s to the retro revelation of the 1980s. With the evolution of styles, colours and trends over the years, join us as we explore interior design trends of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, with some inspiration on how you can incorporate some of the décor of the decade.

top interior design trends of the decade

The 1960s saw a time when interior design was inspired by all things space – fabrics, colours and shapes incorporated a futuristic feel with clean lines and striking patterns. Plastic became the pinnacle of this decade, with other notable home décor consisting of bright colours, textured rugs and sculptural accessories.

top interior design trends of the decade

The earthy tones many spaces incorporate nowadays are reminiscent of the 1970’s hues, with maximalism furniture transcending into retro tones and bold patterns as a nod to the disco era. Nature-inspired colours such as gold, green, burn orange and brown colours, alongside stone, granite and wicker finishes, heavily influenced the décor of the decade.

top interior design trends of the decade

The 1980s made a move towards minimalism but retained the fun colour palette of the previous decades, this time incorporating pastel hues to capture a cool and playful look. The décor channelled geometric shapes, rebellious fabrics and vibrant upholstery to create a modern retro look across all rooms.

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