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Posted On November 25, 2014By RobIn Lovely Living Room Ideas

Living for the Chic Blend.

The living room is widely thought of as a reflection of the designer’s personality so whether you want to be viewed as calm and charming or creative and colourful, we are here to help you in getting your personality across. With our exciting blend of French chic and our handmade in London collection your choice is endless.  As the living room is normally the first point of sight for most of your visitors and guests it is essential, as it is with your personality, to make a good first impression. SoRead More

Posted On November 19, 2014By RobIn Eichholtz

Eichholtz is just for Hugh!

If you like style, class, sophistication and hand crafted beauty then you, like us and apparently the great Hugh Grant, will love the Eichholtz collection. It is furniture that is inspired from sources around the world and this fusion of variety ensures their wonderfully unique appearance. Perhaps that is why all the celebrities are beginning to fall in love with their fantastic furniture and amazing accessories. We have spotted a lot of items here in this recent article regarding the sale of Hugh’s huge penthouse apartment in South Kensington thatRead More

Posted On November 13, 2014By RobIn Candles

Candle Crush Saga

It was Christmas Eve 1998 and with no warning the wind picked up, the lights went out and the turkey counted his blessings. The town was plunged into complete darkness and as we blindly scrambled for candles we carefully sidestepped rolls of Christmas wrapping paper. I expected chaos and panic but what happened was quite the opposite. As wicks were ignited and soft wax crawled on to festive plates, silhouettes of Christmas trees swayed in the frosted neighbourhood windows. Our house became infused with the curious medley of homemade stuffing andRead More

Posted On October 28, 2014By RobIn Bookcases

We Are on the Case!

My word, there is a lot of debate over what date the true ‘Book Lover’s Day’ should fall, with some folk saying the 9th of August and others saluting the first Saturday in November but honestly, do we actually need a day specially put aside to dote over our favourite fictional friends? To us, everyday should be spent embracing exciting plots from dedicated wordsmiths but like so many others choosing this Saturday, 1st November as their official Book Lovers Day,  we will also reserve a little bit of extra reading timeRead More

Posted On October 22, 2014By RobIn Spooky Warehouse Clearance

A Werehouse in London

Warehouse Clearance!! You will literally Scream when you discover the incredible deals available at our ongoing spooky warehouse clearance. You will Scream 2 at the ease in which you can purchase these offers and you will even Scream 3, well, that does not work, much like the movie!! Let Sweetpea & Willow be a Shining example of how to do a Halloween sale this October but remember, it will be so busy you will need to call early to avoid a Sleepy Hello. From the Silence of the Lamps to theRead More
aurora seatnew

Posted On October 17, 2014By Jacquie DuntonIn Handmade in London

The Aurora comes to Isleworth!

The Aurora is widely known as one of the most spectacular and incredible sights in the world. In the winter months when the darkness sets in and the air is crisp and clear,  people flock from miles around to catch a glimpse of this amazing display. Over herbal teas and fizzing beverages, folktales and fables have described that when in the presence of the Aurora, a clapping sound can be heard and we can now confirm that this is the case. We have witnessed many an onlooker clapping when theyRead More

Posted On October 15, 2014By Jacquie DuntonIn Chilling in the Big Chill

Hide and Chic

Our showrooms have been busy lately with bustling browsers eager to find a stash of sumptuous autumn comforts. From the bite of the cold outside they were all immediately drawn to the faux fur corner full of hides and throws where they stroked and caressed the samples as though they were lifelong pets. The range of ‘Shadow mountain throws’ and chic, luxurious hides made for the cold Siberian winters which sometimes replicates our October here in Britain are available now. Discover your wild side with the deep and dark Pallas ShadowRead More