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Horse canvas

Posted On January 21, 2015By Sophia Curtis-SloanIn A New Year

You’ve got a Trend !!

We are now back in the Sweetpea office and buzzing with ideas after our extensive walk around the floor of the HOME exhibition in the Kensington Olympia. It was one monstrous showroom of furniture, gifts, interior inspiration and exceptionally tasty coffee, and with so much to see, we really appreciated that caffeine kick. We spent hours weaving through the vibrant stalls and stunning stands seeking new fashions and enjoying unusual and exciting brands. With a keen eye for current and upcoming trends it was not hard for us to spotRead More

Posted On January 9, 2015By RobIn A New Year

You Say You Want A Resolution!

When it comes to resolutions I think we are all masters, proclaiming them proudly as the clock strikes midnight with a glass of Fizz in our hand and Auld Lang Syne in our ears. ‘I will never drink again’, my friend Billy announced last week.  ‘So you are not going to finish that beer then?’ I asked as I reached for the rest of his beverage. In the office we have all declared our long lists of abstinence and our healthy new indulgences. Mine were the usual, more water andRead More

Posted On December 15, 2014By RobIn Christmas Shopping

The Twelve Days Of Christmas

Here is Sweetpea and Willow’s Twelve Days of Christmas, inspired by some of our favourite items and some, well, just because they rhyme with the words from the original song! Feel free to sing along while you shop! On the First Day of Christmas My true love sent to me: A Carpet from Accessories. - Accessories/Eichholtz Carpet Stella On the Second Day of Christmas My true love sent to me: Two Lambskin Rugs - Lambskin Rugs/Home Accessories And a Carpet from Accessories. On the Third Day of Christmas My trueRead More
penguin showroom

Posted On December 13, 2014By RobIn Christmas Shopping

Your best Christmas gift ever!

Christmas Gift List It just would not be Christmas without a last minute run up the high street searching for a pair of silly socks for the uncle that escaped  your list! Sometimes, no matter how much we know about our loved ones, we struggle when it comes to buying gifts for them, whether it be at Christmas or for their birthdays, it is a struggle! There is only so much aftershave you can buy for your father or brother before they question their own body odour! So….to help inRead More

Posted On December 5, 2014By RobIn Party Essentials

Sweetpea and Mistletoe

Christmas is approaching as fast as an out of control sleigh and with it comes the much anticipated and always fun, office party. That diet you had so strictly adhered to in the run up to the festive period is cast aside as you clink a glass of fizz (or two) with your colleagues old and new. The annual office party is almost as valued as the timeless turkey and cranberry sauce or that warm cup of mulled wine! Today is the day for our party and we could notRead More

Posted On December 1, 2014By RobIn Christmas Shopping

Show me a sign

We have lots of fun and rather witty signs that are pretty inexpensive that would make a novel present and are new to our website.  We already have some for particular occasions like the Mr and Mrs wall plaque for weddings and anniversaries and the Born to be King for christenings and births. There is also the You Rock My World and the I Love You wall plaque for your best beloved. However we have added to this some short pithy ones that make me smile every time I seeRead More

Posted On November 25, 2014By RobIn Lovely Living Room Ideas

Living for the Chic Blend.

The living room is widely thought of as a reflection of the designer’s personality so whether you want to be viewed as calm and charming or creative and colourful, we are here to help you in getting your personality across. With our exciting blend of French chic and our handmade in London collection your choice is endless.  As the living room is normally the first point of sight for most of your visitors and guests it is essential, as it is with your personality, to make a good first impression. SoRead More