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Parisian Dream

Paris is the city of love. From the food to the astounding architecture; we appreciate its flawless design. Created to capture our hearts but free our souls, we know all too well how easy it is to get lost in the city that has it all. Just like the body features stunning views, we also appreciate beauty at heart. Parisian homes are simple, elegant and stylish. Finding easy ways to create chic looks is the way it’s done in Paris, and here at Sweetpea & Willow we feel inspired. PhotoRead More
On average we spend about 25 years of our lives asleep, so it’s only plausible that we invest in such an important part of our lives.  We wanted to give you some tips and tricks on helping you get a sound sleep, from picking the right mattress to what natural herbs oils and remedies will get you relaxed and ready for a beautiful slumber. Mattresses; we can’t stress enough just how important getting a good quality mattress is. Not only will it do wonders for your sleep; the variety outRead More
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As we spend most of our day working, it is so important that your workspace is as inspirational as possible to help you get the most out of your work day. Your workspace should be a snapshot of you; it should emulate your personality, passion, and preferences. Photo Source: Jelanie The great thing about having a workspace, be it large or small, at home or in an office, is that you have free reign on how creative you can be. Using photos and images are a great way to decorateRead More
We all decorate our homes for Christmas and New Year’s so why not add a little character to your home this Easter. No one is saying re-decorate your entire home, but there are subtle ways of bringing the joy of Easter and we are about to show just how you can do that.                                                                   Photo Source: Sweetpea & WillowRead More

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Love The Way You Live

Looking after your home is great but we mustn’t forget to care for our bodies. Our bodies like our homes are temples, and so we should treat them that way. Here at Sweetpea & Willow, we understand just how hard it is to always to stay healthy, especially as we love food so much! But it is our love for food that drives us to try and find better alternatives. Now, before anyone rolls their eyes, it’s possible. Without a doubt 2015/2016 has most definitely been accepting of being healthyRead More
Redecorating is always fun and an exciting way to change the space you live in. Fresh starts, fresh looks and fresh vibes. Getting the kids involved and excited is always great for bonding and getting them on board with the changes you are about to make. Now we appreciate that redecorating is not always easy or affordable. So we sat down and thought of quick ways you can transform your home. Today we are going to be talking about paint and how easy and versatile it can be. When tryingRead More
Put on your hats, woollies and mittens; it’s that season and you don’t want to get bitten. We crave days spent on snow-kissed mountains, with the sounds of expert skis slicing through the air. Teens show off and first timers find their balance, then, lunches of French onion soup bubbling in a pot and the crowds cracking a beer après ski. But it’s not just the snow, skis and scrumptious suppers that have us all in the mountains at this time of year. It’s the super stylish interiors of theRead More