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In this day and age, everyone goes through their creative process differently. While others may find it easy to have a vision of what they think might look good, others may need a little bit of inspiration. I had a gander at a few celebrity homes to see what they looked like and what their stylists said about the inspirations behind each room.  Let’s start with the Kardashians; with multiple estates, there is ample opportunity to be creative in their homes. Celebrity Interior Designer Jeff Andrews, who has an extensive profile of clientsRead More

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Inside Your Favorite Restaurants – Bentley’s

It’s that time again at Sweetpea & Willow, where we think ‘hmmm I wonder what I should have for dinner tonight‘  We loved going to Hakkasan, and all we needed was an excuse to venture back out into this big beautiful city of ours so we could find the best place that combined incredible food and fantastic architecture, it wasn’t long before we stumbled across Bentley’s. While the city buzzes on, and the Londoners find their way around town, this little place is tucked away in one of  Piccadilly highstreet’sRead More
Oh how cold it’s gotten in England so far, but we hope that you and your new years resolutions haven’t drifted too far apart. Everyone made theirs and no doubt we made ours, and on our list, we said we wanted to share what was in our hearts. Having an extensive range of furniture means the team here at Sweetpea & Willow are always falling in love with new products. Of course, we are all different and so have different taste, so, we often agree to disagree on our ‘love of theRead More

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Inside Your Favorite Restaurants – Hakkasan

Here at Sweetpea and Willow, we are passionate about interiors, lifestyle and food! Yum.  So we decided to combine all three of our passions and write a blog about some of our favourite restaurant hangouts in this great city of London and their interiors. Of course, to do this, we had the “It’s a hard job but somebody has to do it” scenario and who is going to come with me. As you can imagine, there were a few hands up in the office! In fact, I had to fightRead More

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Winter Warmers

Happy New Year everyone! As January struts in and the country gets colder the frost rolls in, we make new years resolutions and dig deeper into our closets to get our thicker jumpers. The Winter as we all know it can be harsh. However,  I would like you to stop for a moment, and think about the good. The warm cuddle your bed gives you on a winter morning. The trust you have for your quilt when you wake up, and it looks too grey outside. The warm fuzz ofRead More

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Inspirational Colours of 2016

Before you wrap your presents and hang your mistletoe. Look through your brochures’ and re-asses your homes as Pantone has spoken. Rose Quartz and Serenity are the colours to follow. This new year, add these colours to your resolutions, be creative with the brilliance and make a statement with new pieces. Don’t just follow the trend, become it. Take time, be patient. You cannot rush perfection, you must simply become enlightened. The key is to develop the ability to see the bigger picture, so see not an image but aRead More
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It is the 2nd annual ‘Buy British Day‘ this Saturday 3rd October, and we think it’s only right to celebrate this wonderful occasion by showcasing some of favourite items, which have been lovingly designed and produced right here in Great Britain. Organiser, Anthony Wallis, has campaigned for British made items for several years and pinpoints that ‘when buying British, you’re getting an original, quality product’, something that resonates with us here at Sweetpea & Willow. Our Handmade in London range and UK made mattresses are just two examples of BritishRead More