Inspiration from Willows Wardrobe

Although we may not want to admit it yet, Autumn has well and truly arrived. With the days getting shorter and nights beginning to cool down, it’s tempting to reach for the throws and pillows. But just because it’s gloomy outside, doesn’t mean it shouldRead More
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At Sweetpea and Willow, we take inspiration from absolutely everything around us, and the ever evolving fashion industry is absolutely no exception. The last five days have seen tens of thousands of well-dressed individuals descend on the capital to celebrate another London Fashion Week. We’veRead More
Our team of fabulous delivery drivers are friendly and rather handy! They work day in and day out to brighten up your day bringing gorgeous new items into your home. Here at Sweetpea & Willow we offer Standard delivery which includes delivery to your roomRead More
Why not bring some decadence into your home this winter with none other than velvet. This lush material will create a cosy sanctuary for you, friends and family to snuggle up in this winter. From sofas, chaise lounges and armchairs to ottomans, benches and headboards,Read More
As summer is drawing to a close and the leaves will soon begin to fall and crunch under our feet, Sweetpea is here with some top tips and ideas for transforming your home from a delightful summery space to a stylish autumn haven. We haveRead More