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Artificial Flowers & Trees

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Mixed Floral Arrangement

Mixed Floral Arrangement


Roses Mini Bouquet


White Rose Arrangement

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faux hydrangea and dahlia floral arrangement mix

Hydrangea and Dahlia Floral Arrangement


Artificial Aloe Vera Plant


Mini Succulent Bowl


Skimmia Floral Arrangement


Mixed Cream Bunch in Vase

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eucalyptus and protea floral arrangement in clear, rectangular vase

Eucalyptus & Protea Floral Arrangement


Lavender Plant


Natural Rosemary Bush Ball In Grey Cement Pot


Port Hanging Plant

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Box Ball

Box Ball


White Tulips With Glass Bowl


Orchid Moss Plants


White Small Orchid in Pot


Medium Potted Orchid


Potted White Orchid


Orchid in Rectangular Planter

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Artificial Orchids In Glass Pot

White Orchid Arrangement


Large Grey Potted Orchid


Eucalyptus Spray - Bunch of 6


Potted Air Plant


Bamboo Plant - Large


Bracken Fern Bush


Fern Tree

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Large potted Areca palm

Areca Palm - Large

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Extra large potted Areca palm

Areca Palm - XL


Tall Monstera Plant


Kentia Palm Tree


Areca Palm - Small


Coconut Palm Tree


Bring a breath of fresh air into your home with our luxury artificial flowers and trees.

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Items 1-32 of 47