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List of cookies collected by SpeedBooster extension

The table below lists the cookies collected by SpeedBooster extension and what information they store. All this cookies are required to display pages more quickly.

COOKIE name COOKIE Description
GSBC_CATALOG_CATEGORY_SESSION_PARAMS Stores category information, required to display proper cached page version.
GSBC_CATALOG_PRODUCT_COMPARE_RECENT Stores recently compared items list.
GSBC_CATALOG_PRODUCT_COMPARE_SIDEBAR Stores items that you have added to comparation.
GSBC_CATALOG_PRODUCT_VIEWED Stores recently viewed products list.
GSBC_CHECKOUT_CART This encrypted cookie is associated with your current shopping cart.
GSBC_CUSTOMER This encrypted cookie stores your customer ID.
GSBC_CUSTOMER_GROUP This encrypted cookie stores information about customer group you belong to.
GSBC_DEVELOPER_DISABLE_CACHE This cookie is used for development purposes and is used to disable SpeedBooster cache for current session.
GSBC_FORM_KEY Stores your form key.
GSBC_FORM_KEY_HASH Stores signature for your form key.
GSBC_MESSAGE_COOKIE Indicates whenever new message has been recieved and awaiting to be displayed.